Add A New Backend

Supporting all possible public cloud storage APIs is CloudServer’s ultimate goal. As an open source project, contributions are welcome.

The first step is to get familiar with building a custom Docker image for CloudServer.

Build a Custom Docker Image

Clone Zenko’s CloudServer, install all dependencies and start the service:

$ git clone
$ cd cloudserver
$ yarn install
$ yarn start


Some optional dependencies may fail, resulting in you seeing yarn WARN messages; these can safely be ignored. Refer to the User documentation for all available options.

Build the Docker image:

# docker build . -t

Push the newly created Docker image to your own hub:

# docker push


To perform this last operation, you need to be authenticated with DockerHub

There are two main types of backend you could want Zenko to support:

== link:S3_COMPATIBLE_BACKENDS.adoc[S3 compatible data backends]

== link:NON_S3_COMPATIBLE_BACKENDS.adoc[Data backends using another protocol than the S3 protocol]